Puppies are really, really cute.  I was asking a new friend the other day which she liked better, her dog or her cat.  She was hesitant because she didn’t know how to respond.  To me, that is an insult because my friends need to answer that dogs are better hands down.  They are way more fun.  Way more cute.  And better friends. The only issue you get into with puppies is the training, but this comes with all pets.  Of course there is the potty training, which a few newspapers can fix, but then there is the teething.  It’s very helpful to make sure you have a few durable dog toys lying around.  Otherwise, you may have a few shoes or furniture pieces torn up.  So, shop around for dog toys for aggressive chewers.  I love my dog.  I take care of him and pamper him a bit.  When I go out of town, I even let him stay at a nice place like this.  If you don’t have a dog, you don’t know what you are missing!