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my nephew

I don’t know why life seems so backwards-kids have no responsibilities and they don’t even know how great it is!  Then, when you are an adult, you realize how good you had it as a kid, and it’s too late!  My nephew gets so excited about the littlest things, and all he has to do is look cute, and some sucker like me will come along and buy it for him!  Such is the case as this wallpaper border for his playroom.  I’m going to spoil that kid I know.  I can’t help it!

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Curious about curious george merchandise

Hey world – welcome to my new blog and my first blog post. I'm a bit obsesively interested in popular culture and my wife and I have decided to do up our new babies room in all curious george merchandise. Why curious george you ask. Well george has a great classic and movie look as you can see on this page and so there are endless products and items for curious george to choose from. Loved the CG movie and can't wait to tivo the upcoming curious george tv show for the tikes.