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How The Church Hurts Us

I just had lunch with a friend, and it was a tough one.

The church is one of the greatest gifts Christ ever gave to his people. We experience love, diversity of gifts, grace, and care for one another. However, because it’s made up of a bunch of broken people, we also experience pain and lots of it.

When Adam and Eve chose to eat the fruit in the beginning, everything went wrong. We’re still recovering. And shame is such a devastating force that was unleashed on the earth.

I won’t get into the details, but this father has been hurt. And, he’s hurt others. Apart from strict guidelines and rules (which we tend to run to as humans), it’s easy to have wrong expectations in church life. And, we often cross boundaries or don’t have enough humility to accept people speaking into our lives.

More pain. More hurt.

Jesus, may we be one as you and the father are one. May there be reconciliation, unity and peace in your church.