Holiday Toys

Every year, there are new holiday toys out there that are the most popular.  Thanks to all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that advertisers spend on commercials and marketing during the year, they get to reap the benefits in the Christmas season if they have won the hearts of little boys and girls.

This year, a few of the winners are Ben 10, Transformers toys, Hannah Montana, and certainly the teeny bopper High School Musical.  Some of them actually scare me.  All of these license owners are holding the winning lottery ticket.  Sales are pouring in and there doesn’t appear to be any sign of slowing down.

If you have anything to do with Ecommerce and these toys, you are loving life right now.  I wish I had my own store, and I would definitely have these products to sell.  People are buying like crazy.


Alaska Cruise

I just had some friends get back from a cruise they took in Alaska. I think they booked it from this website. I’m so jealous because they got to see glaciers, whales, dolphins, seals and all kinds of cool stuff. Two of them that went are actually engaged and were talking about how beautiful it would be to have wedding out west. I got curious and went online searching for Portland photography sites. It’s not Alaska, but these guys are close and it looks like they would do a great job.

Once they got back from their trip, they were so excited about the wildlife they saw that they bought an aquarium. So, now they are busy stocking it with the right fish aquarium decor and other supplies. I think it’s hilarious, but I’m sure I’d be as impacted as they were by the trip. It gets me really excited about the trip I’m taking in January to France with some friends.