Working Out

About two months ago, I approached my wife with an executive decision.  Our apartment has a full bedroom and a den, which houses a large office desk with our computer.  Earlier, we had put in some bunk beds into our den so that the occasional guest could come over and sleep.  Well, the bunk beds weren’t getting much use, and I had a terrific weight set sitting in my parents basement which was itching to be moved.  After some measurements (which just barely allowed the olympic set to make it), we moved the set in.  My wife decided she would basically give up an entire room in our apartment for the trade off of a buff husband. 

The results have been pleasing to us both.  I’ve been also shaping my diet a bit with a whey protein and korean ginseng.  The protein helps me take advantage of my workouts well by building lean muscle, and the ginseng is giving me wonderful results for boosted energy and an enhanced immune system.  I typically use the extract, but occasionally, I’ll get the tea as well.   I have to say it feels great after a good workout.  One of the only downsides is the space of the apartment.  I’m looking forward to one day having a nice sized basement in a house to lift in and a customized bathroom to clean up. 

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