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Graduation Parties

This is a great time of year to know a lot of graduating seniors…high school or college.  Fortunately, I do, which has lent itself to some amazing graduation parties over the past few weeks.  They are always so much fun.  You get to hang out with some of your closes friends, celebrate with them over their accomplishment, congratulate them, and eat tons of yummy food!  This past Saturday, I was at one of my friend’s party and his family’s backyard was amazing.  They had a beautiful pool, hot tub, deck, music stage, great landscaping, and a fish pond – which was very sweet!  I asked my friend’s dad how he had landscaped the pond in and he told me to just lookup pond kits on the internet.  My buddy Cory even provided the pork sandwiches because four days earlier, he had slaughtered some poor Piglet with his grandpa.  Kudos.  It was delicious.  Bring on the next party.

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