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Poor Charlie Brown

I am a big Peanuts fan.  I watched them all the time when I was a kid and I remember having little plastic Lucy, Charlie, Snoopy, etc. and a house…perhaps put out by Playskool? Now I have a lot of the videos for my kids.  I feel they can learn a lot about how to treat others, or maybe I should say how NOT to treat others. 🙂 I was surprised recently when I saw a Caillou DVD because the first thought that popped in my head was that they were trying to make up a modern Charlie Brown.  Can’t we just appreciate our classic history and not try to re-create or replace it?

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Going to the Aquarium

I took my daughter to the Newport Aquarium for a field trip for her class.  Man was it fun!  She loved all the salt water exhibits and the tunnel with the scary sharks swimming over was quite thrilling.  It inspired her to want a fish tank at home, so I thought I’d go online and do a search for aquarium supplies.  I couldn’t believe how many options were out there! Any kind of aquarium product you could want and some I didn’t know even existed!