bad artwork · Christmas spirit · leather pirate boots · rain · rare gold coins · winter


So, the least Christmasy thing ever is RAIN all day the last 3 days.  I mean, even if I DO hate winter, if it were snow, at least it would be putting people in the mood!!  Currently though, the only thing I’m in the mood for is some leather pirate boots to wear to brave the weather.  It’s so sloppy and yucky and trafficky, and it makes me want to drink hot chocolate and stay in my jammies-not be jolly and sing songs!

So, anyways, I’m sitting in a little cafe/restaurant thing that I heard had opened about a mile from my house on the main strip so I thought I’d give it a try.  I like the food a lot so far, but the artwork is simply terrible.  Why is it so rare to find a downhome place with good art taste?   I want to ask them if they would consider taking my artwork-but ironically, the rest of this decor is so bizarre, I’m not even sure good artwork would work in here!!

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