Christmas presents · MRDD Residential Services · special needs · teacher gifts · winnie the pooh baby bedding


Can you imagine what it must have been like to have a child with special needs born into your family back in the day (or unfortunately in many minds still today perhaps in some countries).  What can you do with this child?  They couldn’t help you with farming or the family business, couldn’t go to a school, perhaps there weren’t/aren’t even special schools for them to go to.  What a crushing responsibility for a family who is attempting to live off the land!  We are so blessed nowadays to have things like the MRDD Residential Services to help in our homes.

Being a teacher around Christmas time has some serious perks.  So far this year I have gotten 4 packages of home-made goodies, a giant mug, a winnie the pooh tree ornament, 2 gift cards, and a loaf of homemade bread and apple butter.  Who can argue with that?

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