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special needs

I recently taught a class in which I had a student with many special needs.  Now, that would normally be ok, except that the parents didn’t actually warn me or let me know or anything before he landed in my class.  He had such an intense speech impediment that I virtually couldn’t understand anything he said to me, and he would refuse to do any of the projects we were working on.  I finally figured out that his parents had bribed him to take the class with the promise of Mountain Dew, McDonald’s and rides on their four-wheeler.  This situation was incredibly frustrating to me.  When I met his mother, she acted like there was nothing unusual about him, and I honestly didn’t know what to do!  I ended up finding the website for the Ohio MRDD and giving them a call to ask some questions.  They were very helpful, and I would suggest them to anyone in need.


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