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Thanksgiving was hilarious

So, this Thanksgiving, my friends and I decided to do something a little more non-traditional.  As much as we all love our families, sometimes family gatherings just cause too much stress!  So, after thinking about spending another thanksgiving listening to discussions of “When are you going to settle down and start a family” we decided to ditch our families.  So, a few of us drove lots of hours and took a few planes to arrive in Cincinnati to have the world’s most random Thanksgiving dinner.  But, the all-time best memory was the fact that some of my friends decided to dress up like pilgrims and indians for the meal.  I’ve never laughed so hard in my whole life upon answering the door to my apartment!  I secretly think one of my friends looked more like he had bought a men’s pirate costume than a pilgrim, but at least he tried! We had one Indian, one turkey, and a few pilgrims at our meal, and it was probably the best Thanksgiving any of us had ever had.  Well, our turkey was a little bland, but that’s ok…we refused to call our mothers and ask for tips on how to cook it!

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I went to a benefit for the Underground last week, and I sat through the first live auction I’ve ever been to, and it was actually pretty cool.  They auctioned off all sorts of things, like gold coins, sports memorabilia, golf passes, free meals, and a Taylor guitar autographed by Steven Curtis Chapman.  It was exciting to see how much money people would give for stuff, but it also baffled me to see how much money the people in the room obviously had!  I can’t imagine paying more for an item than it is worth, just for a charity.  I just can’t afford it!  I do give to charities monthly, but shelling out several thousand bucks on any given night just isn’t something I think I’ll ever be able to afford!

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special needs

I recently taught a class in which I had a student with many special needs.  Now, that would normally be ok, except that the parents didn’t actually warn me or let me know or anything before he landed in my class.  He had such an intense speech impediment that I virtually couldn’t understand anything he said to me, and he would refuse to do any of the projects we were working on.  I finally figured out that his parents had bribed him to take the class with the promise of Mountain Dew, McDonald’s and rides on their four-wheeler.  This situation was incredibly frustrating to me.  When I met his mother, she acted like there was nothing unusual about him, and I honestly didn’t know what to do!  I ended up finding the website for the Ohio MRDD and giving them a call to ask some questions.  They were very helpful, and I would suggest them to anyone in need.