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Silk screening

I am working on a fund raiser for my friend, and so we are printing a mass load of cool t-shirts ourselves and then hand silk-screen printing them.  I spent like one million hours this weekend hand carving out a stencil for it.  Please God let it work!

So, suddenly in one day it became freezing outside at night, and I think I’m going to be forced to fork out the money for some sweet spiderman curtains to keep in the heat.  And, then I went for a walk last night and when I looked up at my house discovered that everyone in the neighborhood can see into the windows that I thought no one could see into.  That upped the anty for curtains big time.

One thought on “Silk screening

  1. I was wondering if you needed to outsource anything. I run a custom silk screen and print shop. I am sure I can offer you a better price on shirts and business cards than you may be getting right now. We are running a special for 100 shirts. 1 color, 2 sided on white for $3.50 per shirt. and 5,000 business cards full color, 2 sided, uv coated for $150. I you are looking to make some more $ than you can always purchase from us and re-sell at a better rate for you there. Feel free to contact me.


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