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Silk screening

I am working on a fund raiser for my friend, and so we are printing a mass load of cool t-shirts ourselves and then hand silk-screen printing them.  I spent like one million hours this weekend hand carving out a stencil for it.  Please God let it work!

So, suddenly in one day it became freezing outside at night, and I think I’m going to be forced to fork out the money for some sweet spiderman curtains to keep in the heat.  And, then I went for a walk last night and when I looked up at my house discovered that everyone in the neighborhood can see into the windows that I thought no one could see into.  That upped the anty for curtains big time.

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my nephew

I don’t know why life seems so backwards-kids have no responsibilities and they don’t even know how great it is!  Then, when you are an adult, you realize how good you had it as a kid, and it’s too late!  My nephew gets so excited about the littlest things, and all he has to do is look cute, and some sucker like me will come along and buy it for him!  Such is the case as this wallpaper border for his playroom.  I’m going to spoil that kid I know.  I can’t help it!

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It’s that time of year!

It’s that time of year I’m afraid…where even though my brain would like to stay in summer chill mode forever, the rest of the world, and the seasons are rebelling, and fall is quickly approaching.  The days are still hot (thanksfully!) but the evenings are definitely cooling down and it’s getting dark earlier and earlier.  A line from a great song about this goes “The trees ask for forgiveness and let go” . Anyways, as fall is quickly approaching, so are thoughts of Halloween, falling leaves, fall parties, cool nights, warm drinks, and costumes.  I like fall, but it’s winter that kills me.

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STOOPID weekend

I had such a stupid weekend.  I locked my gosh darn keys in my gosh darn car, and I ended up waiting for AAA to come and save me from my stupidity for 3 hours sitting on the side of the road.  The most embarrassing part was that a guy finally stopped on his motorcyle and got it open for me using a pen, a wrench and a piece of wire.  It’s hard to feel like a real man when an old guy has to come save you.  Sigh.  At least he helped me!  i gave him ten bucks for his time.  It’s all I had!  Stupid AAA.

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The weekend is almost here, and I can hardly wait!  I had a day off today, and it just wet my taste for more time to myself 🙂  I drove an hour away to have lunch with a friend that I haven’t seen in a few months, and I got to see her new home and new puppy.  It was so great to see her succeeding and loving life.  And soon, it will be the weekend…time for a party at my place, a concert, a wedding, and art in the park…yeah!

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I LOVE three day weekends.  I think there should be one each month for everyone in every job 🙂  I think our stress levels would go down dramatically!  I get to relax for two straight days, and still have time to get stuff done on the third day, so I don’t feel stressed on Tuesday back to work!  I got to go to one of the largest fireworks displays in the U.S. last night, put on by the perhaps unpleasant, but well marketed WEBN.  I hate the fact that it sort of marks the end of summer though!  I love summer so much, and it makes me sad to see it go!  I love fall, but winter is just like the worst idea of all time…and it almost ruins fall just thinking about it!