I’m Back.

Hello all you wordpress people. I am back from a short hiatus and just wanted to say I’m back!!! Ok, now that’s done. I figured I would share some of my personal interest and hobbies. I love sports, music, movies and memorabilia. I am collector at heart so I am always looking for the next big collectible or niche item. I am originally from Columbus, OH and am currently living in Cincinnati, OH, home of the Reds and the Bengals (Who Dey?) Although Cinci is considered a medium-sized city, I believe it really packs a punch. I guess you get some big city diversity in a small mid-west minded package. My fav haunts other than the stadiums would The Southgate house right outside downtown Cinci, Shake-It Records and Bughouse Video both located in the Northside district and of course the Esquire Theatre in Clifton right around the University of Cincinnati.

Until next time…